Mike & Megan

Ahhhhh Mike and Megs. This wedding had so many special moments in it, where would I even begin. It was an extreme privilege to be a part of this day and watch this couple say “i do”. I’ve known Mike since we moved to Cape Town in 2010 and they’re family is the closest to our family anyone could be.

I started shooting Mike during his skateboard sessions with CFR (Capri Free Riders) and we went on many adventures together. I remember when Mike started skyping Megan (one of his childhood friends living in England) and saying he was gonna marry her. I was a doubter. How could he be so certain?

But he was, and we got to see a lot of the relationship develop and unfold as Mike pursued her with purity and a pretty ambitious heart!

We journeyed through the deepest heartache as families when Mike lost his younger brother this year. Mike and Megs honored Haz the day of their wedding as we all missed his presence deeply.

Mike and Megan are full time volunteer missionaries with YWAM (Youth With A Mission), leading discipleship schools that send outreach teams to several different countries. They live 100% off support and if you’d be interesting in partnering with them, I would love to connect you. I exhort them to you as a couple who are worth investing in!

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