Beautiful Changes

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“Beautiful Changes” is a wall stencil service in Cape Town, South Africa created to empower women through mentoring, skills development and job creation. Visit Website

Empower A Mom

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“Founded in Cape Town, is a holistic program in South Africa created to empower mothers from under-resourced communities…through mentoring, skills development, and job creation. We are excited about because it gives women the opportunity to provide for their families and become leaders in their communities!” Visit website

Justice Dolls

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The Justice Doll is a job creation program, empowering vulnerable African women. “We believe all individuals have a voice! The Justice Doll seeks to raise awareness of issues of injustice, which aim to mobilize people to action.” Visit Site

Kings Kids School

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They develop world changers through a relational, inspiring, and engaging learning environment. “Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world!” —Nelson Mandela Visit Site